Sunday, November 21, 2010

Early New Year's Resolutions

Between now and the start of the winter quarter I plan to sit down and list three things that I can do in my next class to encourage and support students who need writing help. I want to encourage and support them to get that help from the pros in an SNL course, workshop or through the Writing Center.  I do this now, regularly. Yet there must be more I can do, or ways I can do it better.

Too often it seems students are flummoxed when they receive feedback about their writing (perhaps mine is the first they have received?) If I can identify three things and practice them consistently, then perhaps more students will take the step to become better communicators and thus better lifelong learners. After all, that's the goal...

Friday, November 5, 2010

Now Accepting Student Submissions for the SNL Writing Showcase

Please ask your students to consider submitting their best written work for the SNL Writing Showcase. The awards won't be given out until April 2011, but submissions are welcome all year. Students can see previous winners and download the 2010-2011 application here: